Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Weekly Geeks - One Title Collection~

This week "Weekly Geeks" question is:

Do you have a collection, (or are you starting a collection,) of one particular book title? If so, what's your story? Why that book, and how many do you have, and what editions are they? Share pictures and give us all the details.

Or perhaps
you dream about starting such a collection. What title would it be and what would it take for you to get motivated to start collecting?

Or maybe it's the works of a particular author you collect (or want to collect) instead a certain book title?

My Answer: I don't have one particular title of any book that I would want to collect. However, I have started collecting books by one certain author. I began this collection because I joined a challenge; The Sarah Dessen Challenge; the challenge is to read all 9 of her novels by the end of 2009 (you can choose your own time limit). I was excited by the prospect of reading all of one author's books. The only other time I have done this religiously was with The Little House On The Prairie series. So, I have begun to collect Sarah Dessen's books. I have all but 2 of them. It makes me feel excited and kind of proud to see all of her books lined up on a my bookshelf; if I have a visitor at some point, who decides to take a look at my bookshelf, they would say to themselves "Wow...she really enjoys Sarah Dessen's books"!


lilly said...

I have actually never read Dessen but I will have start soon since my daughter will be a teenager soon and i kinda want to be able to recommend good books for her.

Trisha said...

I've never read her either, but her name keeps poppp around the book blogging community. I'll have to check her out.

My post is at

gautami tripathy said...

I think I ought to check out Dessen.

Weekly Geeks: I collect books not titles!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I do have some authors whose books I have most or everything they've written. Do I love every one? nope, but I still want to read them and enjoy them --because I like the style or voice or whatever...

Right now, my new set of books I have every one and am waiting for the rest is the Mossy Creek series - I read one or two just to get a feel for the fictional town because I may write a short story to go in one of these "anthology -novels-collections" - and I fell in love with the town and its quirky characters! Now I'm waiting for the next one to come out :)

Frances said...

Isn't it great how a challenge can lead to new favorites, and strecth us as readers? That is a special collection. Happy reading!

Icedream said...

I thought I had read Sarah Dessen but when I searched I didn't find any! I will have to add her to my list!

Mon said...

I think my shelves have only ever said that about Stephen King.
I have to look into this Dessenauthor.

Pop Tart said...

Sounds like you are a book lover/keeper as well as a reader, so my guess is that you will eventually end up with more multiple copies over time -- of course, I'm old and I do it, so I think everyone will lol

(I have two Weekly Geeks posts this week: one at Collectors' Quest and a second and different post at Kitsch Slapped.)


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