Saturday, August 8, 2009

~Smiley Saturday~


Serena said...

That is so cute! She must drive her owners batty with all that playing, but there must be something about the sound that keeps her coming back for more.

SusiSunshine said...

Hey Missy,
LOL. That's so sweet.
OK I have to train my cat now.
Have a nice weekend.

Miss Remmers said...

I am also reading "Dancing with Ana" I am very excited to hear what you think!

Cecile said...

OH, I so love this one!!! I even showed it to my daughter and she loved it. We have two dogs... We just looked at the dogs and said... (besides us not having a piano) "Why two can't do this?" You should have seen the look they gave us!!! LMAO!! Thanks for the laugh today!!!

Diane said...

This is too funny. The cat lover in me loves it; Thanks


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