Friday, August 14, 2009

~Requesting Assistance Please~



Trish has a blog post about how to add a favicon to blogger. It was simple, step by step instructions, very easy to follow...and best of worked!!! Trish, you are more than welcome to pick out a book from my Librarything shelf. You rock!

Ok...before I ask for help with this, I need to explain to you all how many hours I have wasted on this little project I am trying to figure out. When something doesn't work for me, I keep trying until it does. I was at this for almost 8 hours yesterday. Well, I am waving the white flag...I give up.

If someone, anyone, could please walk me through the steps of how to add a favicon to my blogger web address I would be so eternally grateful! So much so, that I will give that person a present! You can pick out a book from my shelf....I don't care which book....browse my shelves on Librarything. You can click on the Librarything icon in my sidebar to see what is on my shelves. Unfortunately, not all of the books are actually in my library. Pick a few, then I can tell you whether or not I have them.

Thanks in advance for helping a computer-illiterate!


Myckyee said...

I really like your favicon - it's very cute!

Susie said...

What a cute favicon you have! Glad someone was able to help you out! I'm going to go check out her blog!

Missy said...

Thanks!! I'm glad it worked out the way I wanted it to. :)


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