Friday, June 12, 2009


Tone Deaf In Bangkok by Janet Brown
From the back cover: As a bookseller, Janet Brown had every opportunity to learn about Bangkok before she moved there. Guide books lay the ground work, photography books set the mood, but nothing prepared her for what she found - a city as sensuous, irreverent, reverent and indescreet as the stories she tells in Tone Deaf in Bangkok.

Whether eating noodles for breakfast, struggling with the multi-toned language, sipping Scotch laced with honey, or falling in love with a man many years her junior, Janet knew that she had found her soul mate: Bangkok. Even when she was ostracized from her local neighborhood, even when she had to skirt sleeping dogs and itinereant kitchens on the sidewalks every single day, and even when she woke to the sound of gunshots while traveling in nearby Cambodia, life here made sense to her, precisely because it made no sense.

Not only did Bangkok change Janet's life, it gave her the life she felt she was always meant to live. Join her as she interprets this electrifying city with the sense of humor and devotion it deserves. (I read a review for this book by Wisteria at Bookworm's Dinner)

The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard
From Beard's first book, The Boys of My Youth, is a collection of exquisitely autobiographical essays that have the arc and thrust of good fiction. She portrays herself as wary of the world, someone who looks up at the night sky and worries that the "moon is looking at me funny."... Beard's high-wire trick is that despite her grievous subject matter, she hangs on to her squinty, skinny-girl-on-the-sidelines sense of humor and never lapses into mawkishness. (Read an article by the author on

What did YOU find today?


Scrap girl said...

Thank you for the lovely big advert for my comp. It is fabulous.
I want to read Tone Deaf in Bangkok now too. It sounds like one I would definitely read. I shall add to my list.

Yvette Kelly said...

Tone Deaf in Bangkok sounds like I could read it instead of going to Bangkok myself AND save money on a flight to Bangkok.It sounds wonderful!

Caspette said...

I must admit I disliked Bangkok when I visited last year. It just turned me off big time. I think it is a love or hate kind of place as plenty of people I know love it. Though the book sounds interesting.

Good pick ups.

gautami tripathy said...

Tone Deaf got me interested.

Mary said...

Both are new to me, thanks!

Dar said...

Great finds Missy. I love the new background. We just can't seem to stay with the same thing for long can we? lol.

Jacqueline C said...

I'm loving the look of Tone Deaf in Bangkok! Nice finds! Here are my finds: (1) and (2)

Janet Brown said...

Missy, thank you so much for featuring Tone Deaf in Bangkok! I am deeply grateful to find your blog as well as to be given so much generous space on it!
Most happily,
Janet Brown


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