Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~Book Review~ The Unseen by T.L. Hines

I have a new favorite author. His name is T.L. Hines. He is an incredible author! I have read only one of his books (I am ordering his others) and I can honestly say that his writing is awesome.

The Unseen grabbed me from the first page and didn't let me go until the very end. Hine's story flows evenly. There are no disjointed paragraphs or chapters. I was able to keep all of the characters straight and not get lost along the way. Although the story is very straightforward, there are many twists and turns. It is a gripping story from start to finish!

From the back cover:
Lucas is a loner, but he's never alone. From secret hiding places, he peers into the lives of others - watching them while they work, while they commute, while they sip their morning coffee. He is a master at remaining silent and unseen in his carefully constructed world as an invisible observer.
But when a chance encounter turns the tables, the watcher becomes the watched. Caught up in an escalating series of events he is powerless to stop, Lucas discovers an underground organization with a chilling mission.
Anyone can be watched. No one is safe. And the most terrifying secrets of all remain unseen. Until now.

Thomas Nelson (2008), Hardcover, 400 pages
ISBN1595544526 / 9781595544520

T.L. Hines writes "Noir Bizarre" stories, mixing mysteries with oddities in books such as WAKING LAZARUS and THE DEAD WHISPER ON. His work has won recognitions ranging from the Maryland Writers Association novel contest to LIBRARY JOURNAL'S "25 Best Genre Fiction Books of the Year" award.
He lives in Montana with his wife and daughter, where he defends an undefeated 3-0 record in air guitar competitions.


Anonymous said...

I love books like this. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks Missy! ;)

Blodeuedd said...

Hm I don't know what to make of that book, sounds interesting and somewhat mysterious. But I do like a good page turner


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