Monday, June 15, 2009

~Monday Movie Meme~ Trauma~

This week's movie topic is all about Trauma...

This week's topic is brought to you by the ever uplifting Sandy @ You've GOTTA Read This! She suggested we share which movies have shaken us to the core so much that we've never been the same because of them. Most of our traumatic movie experiences occured in childhood, but there is one that came as an adult. Check out our list below and share some of your traumatizing movie experiences on your blog and link back here at The Bumbles. Don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

Midnight Express (1978): This movie still haunts me to this day. Don't ever try to smuggle drugs out of Turkey!

Jaws (1975): Who wasn't haunted by Jaws? I was even afraid in swimming pools!

Mother's Day (1980): " When you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. When you go into the woods today you're not going to believe your eyes..." Classic horror flick about being chased by crazed men in the woods....pretty disturbing.

The Entity (1981): A supposedly true story about a woman being sexually assaulted by a demon. This movie scared my friend and I so much! Just the thought of something like that actually still haunts me to this day!


The Bumbles said...

What? I've never heard of Mother's Day! How is that possible? I love horror movies - especially from the '80's. Sounds like a perfect traumatic movie for a rainy day weekend.

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...


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Yvette Kelly said...

I have to tell you mine.I watched Black Christmas when I was about 10(don't know what my Dad was thinking) but there is the one shower scene where the girl gets attacked and the transparent shower curtain is dropping with blood.Basiclly it was a big house and snowing outside and this killer goes through the house killing everyone.Also Omen with Damien was pretty scary.Snow again.And Horror of Frankenstein.I still watch these movies though but always during the day and never alone.

Caspette said...

Yea Im glad I havent seen those movies. Jaws is the only one I have seen and even that one I am not keen on!

Good list though.

Rebecca :) said...

This is a fun meme. I think I'd like to participate. It's not Monday, but that's okay, right?

Caspette said...

Oh no I cant remember if I posted to this or not. If I have then ignore this post.

I am glad I have not seen these movies (other then Jaws).I dislike horrors with a passion.


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