Monday, June 1, 2009

~Monday Movie Meme~

The Monday Movie Meme is hosted by The Bumbles

Last week, we asked you about how you watch movies. Quite a few of you shared how you watch from your own collection. So now we would like a glimpse into your collection of movies. Even if you don't have a physical collection to share, you must have some stored on the DVR, downloaded onto the laptop or ones that you rent over and over and over. We'll show you ours if you show us yours! Don't be shy - share on your blog and link back to The Bumbles.

MOST VIEWED- That would have to be Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (the first one). OK, I know its a silly movie, but when I want to laugh, this movie does the trick. There is no one on earth like Jim Carrey...If I would have met him before I met my husband I would have married him...he is hilarious.
  • NEVER VIEWED -Living With Wolves ...This was a documentary shown on The Discovery Channel about a couple, The Dutchers, who spent six years living with a pack of wolves, studying their social structures and interactions with man and each other. I watched this show on Discovery, then asked my husband to get me the DVD as a gift. It is still in the plastic (I think I got it 3 years ago!) because, of course, while The Dutchers lived within the wolf colony, they experienced not only births, but deaths. I haven't felt that I have been able to watch that DVD without crying my heart out, so it has remained in its plastic sheath...for now.

  • AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU OWN - Purple Rain - Enough said.

  • GUILTY PLEASURE -A Walk On The Moon, most definitely. I love Diane Lane in this movie. Plus, it takes place in the sixties, which I love...I think I was born a little too late...I should have been a flower child! The music in the movie is awesome.

  • MOST SHARED - Fluke - I have loaned this movie to so many people that I have lost count. It is a "feel good" family type of my favorites.
  • WHY DID I BUY THIS? -The Blair Witch Project - what a waste. There was so much hype about this movie! I bought it, preparing to be good and scared...ha! It is a joke.

  • MOST TREASURED -29th Street - I rented this movie out of the blue once and absolutely fell in love with it. I bought it on VHS, then when DVD's came out, I had a hard time finding it. My husband and I were out one day and found it - I was so happy! When I get homesick for New York and my big Italian family, this is the movie that I watch.

  • WILDCARD - Urban Cowboy - I saw this movie in the theater summer of 1980. I loved it then and I love it now!


    itsJUSTme-wendy said...

    I actually like "Purple Rain"!
    And "The Blair Witch Project" scared the &$@# out of me! I told my husband - I am not ever camping in the woods again... EVER!

    Missy said...

    Oh, don't get me wrong...I love Purple Rain! I just hate to admit I have it! :)

    The Bumbles said...

    This is about the 20th time I have come across A Walk on the Moon in the last month so I have finally now added it to our queue with Netflix. I love Viggo so that alone is reason enough. But everyone keeps saying how good the movie was too.

    And I totally agree with you - The Blair Witch Project sucked. We paid good money to see it in the theater. If we owned it I would have used it as a frisbee for the cats by now.

    Adri said...

    man how do you afford all these books? and also, i try the library but can't find some of them. maybe i live in the wrong city! have you ever tried renting books? i've heard of, i think it's about $10 to start per month....what do you think?

    Adri said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Carleen said...

    Oh my gosh, I am right there with you on The Blair Witch Project -- I didn't find anything scary about it, nor did I think it was worth the time I spent watching and trying to figure it out. Big time disappointment that one.

    Anonymous said...

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    Jess said...

    Purple Rain! -- that is awesome.

    Missy said...

    Adri: I belong to of my books come from there. :)

    Jess: When Purple Rain first came out, my cousin and I went to see it so many times, we could recite the dialogue right along with the movie!

    The Bumbles: If you love Viggo, you will love him in A Walk On The Moon. I love him too. Whenever he is going to be in a new movie, my husband always says to me "There's your man, Viggo!" :)

    Alabama Book Worm said...

    Purple Rain! Take me back.

    Alabama Book Worm said...

    My BF and I had the words to every song on the Purple Rain album memorized.


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