Sunday, November 22, 2009

~More 1993~

In 1993, I was getting settled back into married life, after being separated from my ex husband for almost a year.

I moved back to Ft. Myers, FL, and went to work for American Mobilphone Paging, the same company that I had worked for previously in WV. One of my stipulations when going back to Mark was that I only wanted to work part time. I was able to work 12-5 each day. It was a small office, just like the one in Charleston. The general manager and office manager were both women, and there were 2 other women who worked the front office, helping customers. There were 2 outside sales reps, and the engineer. When I had worked in the Charleston office, the office manager there, Judy, had taught me so much, so I pretty much knew how to do everything that entailed running the office. My first day in the Ft. Myers office, I was handed a stack of folders and labels, and
was told to type the labels. I didn't have my own desk, and I felt resentment from everyone. It was terrible. I also did not like the office manager, Julye. She seemed unfriendly, and harsh. I was just going to make the best of it, from 12-5 every day.....

My birthday in 1993 was probably one of the best ones that I ever had! Mark and a friend of his that also worked at the radio station, got tickets to see Garth Brooks in Orlando the weekend of my birthday. Mark and I, and his friend Mike and his wife Keri, all drove up to Orlando for the weekend. That Saturday during the day, we had VIP passes fo
r Universal Studios, and spent the whole day there. That evening was the concert. We had back stage passes, and we got to meet was phenomenal. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was still married to his wife Sandy at the time, and he shared his family photos with us. He was genuinely interested in meeting all of us...what a special night it was!

Our house got broken into one night while we were asleep. They smashed our kitchen window and reached in to grab what they thought was a purse off of the kitchen table
. What they actually got was an insulated lunch bag, which contained an apple and a Frank Sinatra cd! The break-in traumatized me so much, that we ended up having an alarm system installed. And we got a dog.

His name was Snoopy and he was a Samoyed. We found him at the Animal Rescue Center in Ft Myers. He was a year old and he LOVED to "Talk"....exactly the kind of dog I was looking for. He was smart; he could fetch, sit, lay down, roll over and "wave". I felt very safe with him in the house. Then I adopted "String" shortly thereafter. She was a tiny black and white kitten that someone had tied up in a plastic grocery bag and had thrown into a dumpster. Fortunately, someone found her, and brought her to the Animal Rescue Center (w
e were their best customers that year!). So, our little family was complete: My cats: Katie, Sam, Punkin and String, and our dog, Snoopy.

What were YOU doing in 1993?


Laughing Stars said...

"Too Young to Feel This Damn Old" ... love it!! It sounds like you had a good year, although the break-in sounds terrifying. For me,1993 started with severe depression after my first baby was stillborn, and it ended with my being pregnant again. I was working as a counselor/prevention specialist, doing substance abuse education and the like. A difficult year and a great one.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Bet that theif was disappointed!

Lisa said...

I think I was in a happy family coma in 1993. We had our house, we had our boys and if I could only have figured out a way to quit working, life would have been perfect.


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