Sunday, November 15, 2009

~More 1992~

1992 was an interesting year. I separated from my ex-husband, and moved back to West Virginia - And tried to start all over again.

By April 1992, Mark and I were fighting like cats and dogs. I quit my job at the Veterinary Hospital, loaded my car with my stuff, plus my two cats, and drove north.

I moved back in with my mom. By May, I was working through a temporary agency, at a paging company American Mobilphone Paging. It was a small office, with 4 other girls, and our supervisor, Emmette. I couldn't have hoped for a better place to work. We were like a little family...the office was a pleasant place to work, everyone was nice. They hired me on full time in June. Judy, one of the girls in the office, and I, walked every evening after work, alongside the Kanawha River. We would walk, and talk about everything. I started my healing process...I was going to be okay without Mark.

Things were fine living with my mom, but I wanted a place of my own. I rented a little apartment close to my office, and settled in. On August 24th, my cell phone was Mark. He and I hadn't spoken since April. It would have been our first anniversary. He called to tell me he loved and missed me. He also called to tell me about Hurricane Andrew, which was bearing down on Florida as we spoke. He sent flowers to me at the office, and a tape of love songs. He wanted me back.

By January 1993, I had decided to go back. I felt that things would be different, and I wanted to give it another try. The paging company that I was working for had an office in Ft. Myers, so I was able to transfer there.

In 1992, I had a taste of living on my own, which I had never done before. I made new friends, and worked for a great company.
What were YOU doing in 1992?


Wander to the Wayside said...

Wow, Missy, that was a busy year for you! Even looking over my notes for that year, I can't see anything that stands out. Well, except that my daughter shocked everyone by getting homecoming queen - go figure, the nice girl beat out the cheerleaders! I remember her calling to tell me, and her utter disbelief. She graduated from highschool in May and started college in September. So, I guess that would be my standout event - I became an empty-nester!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

1992 I was living in New Mexico and on May 1st my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. We were enjoying that newlywed prosperity and had a pretty good year. Although we never went through the euphoria of being 'in love.' We were good friends for a long time before dating and never really felt that high of being in love - but the thing is we never experienced the dropoff, either.

Cecile said...

Oh wow... In 92... I was a senior in high school... and "falling in love" with the ones my Mom warned me about, lol!!

Laughing Stars said...

In 1992, I finished grad school, started a new job, and got pregnant for the first time. That is also the year my son -- my first child -- was stillborn. :-( It sounds like you had a painful year, too.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Very busy year for you. Will be interested to see what happens when after you've experienced the independence and then go back to your husband. Interesting story.

1992 - pregnant with my last son, born in April. I think I started swimming that summer - first time I had ever swum laps. So proud of myself when I made four laps of breast stroke without stopping.

Julia said...

Like you I too have a strong music and memory association. Jon Secada reminds me of spring breack 1993 and the week I spent in Mexico. I was in highschool and a bunch of us went on a school sponsored trip to help build a house in Tecate, MX. Thanks for posting this song!

Lisa said...

Love the Jon Secada! I'd forgotten all about it. What ever happened to him?


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