Monday, November 2, 2009

A Brand New Challenge for 2010!

Alyce at At Home With Books is hosting this challenge. It is a great opportunity for us to read authors that have been recommended to us in the past, and we just haven't gotten around to checking out their books!

Welcome to the Awesome Author Challenge!

The idea behind this challenge is to read works by authors who have been recommended to you time and again, yet somehow you haven't managed to read any books by those authors. These are the authors that everyone else tells you are awesome, thus the "Awesome Author Challenge" title.

The Rules:

The challenge starts January 1, 2010 and ends December 31, 2010. Crossover from other challenges is allowed. Choose the level at which you would like to participate, post about it and come back and leave a link to your post in Mister Linky. Titles and authors do not have to be predetermined, and can change at any time. Books can come from any genre or reading level, the only requirement is that you have heard great things about the author, but haven't yet read any of their works.

The Levels:

Easy: Choose three authors and read at least one title from each author.

Moderate: Choose six authors and read at least one title from each author.

Challenging: Choose ten authors and read at least one title from each author.

Over-Achieving: Anything over ten authors.

I am going to choose the Easy Level. The authors I have chosen are:

Chris Bohjalian
A. Manette Ansay
Janet Evanovich


Jo-Jo said...

I've joined this one should be fun! Good luck.

Vivienne said...

Glad to see you are joining in too.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've never read any of Janet Evanovich, either, but you'll be happy to know she's a super nice person as well as great author! The year she attended the Book 'Em Festival in VA, her publisher did not ship her books in time and when she arrived - no books. So she sent her husband down to the local book store to buy copies while she handed out free donut holes to those who came by her table. Is that not incredible?

Alyce said...

I'm so glad you joined the challenge! I haven't read any works by those authors either. Good luck!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Missy, I love A. Manette Ansay. I especially enjoyed Midnight Champagne and her book of short stories. I also say the best Evonovich book was Seven Up.

Lisa said...

I may have to do this one. It sounds so cool! I LOVED Midwives by Chris Bohjalian. I have a couple of Janet Evanovich's books but have yet to read them. See? I should join this one! :0)

jlshall said...

Haven't read any of those authors, either, although I know I've got something by Chris Bohjalian on my TBR shelf. Maybe if I make it to the over-achieving level, I can include that one, too! Have fun with your reading.


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