Saturday, July 4, 2009

~Flashback Saturday~ 1973~


The year was 1973, and I received from my parents as a gift one of those K-TEL remember, the ones that had a bunch of different songs on them, by different artists? The Raspberries "Tonight" was on there, and I wore that song out...dancing around my room, using a hairbrush as a microphone. :) For those in the younger crowd that watch this video, the lead singer of the Raspberries was Eric Carmen. The same Eric Carmen who sings "Hungry Eyes" from the movie Dirty Dancing. Wild, huh!
I had two favorite songs on that album, the other one being "Pretty Lady" by Edison Lighthouse. How many of you remember that one?

~In 1973, I was nine years old. I was in fourth grade at Bronxville School, in NY. I was just beginning to really like "rock" music...and boys!

~Where were YOU in 1973?~

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Kaye said...

I remember those K-Tel records! Hungry Eyes is still one of my favorite "oldies". Nice post as usual. I love to come over and check out flashback Saturday. Have a great week.


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