Thursday, September 17, 2009

~Thanks for Introducing Me To This Book~

Can you believe it’s already Day 4 of BBAW? Where has the time gone? Well hopefully you’ve discovered plenty of new book blogs to clog up your RSS feed readers and introduce you to more marvelous books throughout the year! But let’s talk about that book you know, the one you discovered only because you read about it on a book blog and then you realized you couldn’t live without it! And then you read it and you loved it so hard! Tell us about it and about the blogger (or bloggers!) that introduced the book to you!

The following bloggers introduced me to these books, which I have not read yet. They are all on my wishlist on PaperbackSwap. I can't wait to read them!

Be With You
by Takuji Ichikawa from InSpringitistheDawn.

June Bug by Chris Fabry from Books and Needlepoint

My Little Red Book by Rachel Nalebuff from Daisy's Book Journal

Viola In Reel Life
by Adriana Trigiani from Steph Su Reads

What about you? What books have you found on friend's blogs?

1 comment:

Jo-Jo said...

Well a couple of these books are new to now I have to check them out. Thanks Missy!


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