Friday, September 18, 2009

~Friday Finds~

I found The Sandcastle while browsing on Goodreads! Don't you just love the cover?

Book Description:
Since the publication of Rubyfruit Jungle in 1973, Rita Mae Brown has been a major American literary voice and a best-selling author. In The Sand Castle, she revisits some of her most unforgettable characters: sisters Juts and Wheezie Hunsenmeir, and Juts’s precocious young daughter, Nickel.

It’s August, 1952, and seven-year-old Nickel sets off for a day at the seashore with her mother, aunt, and cousin Leroy. Everyone’s excited when they reach Chesapeake Bay--everyone except for Leroy, who is recently motherless and frightened of the world around him. Nickel delights in tormenting her cousin, but, as the group lounges on the beach and begins work on a magnificent sand castle, the sisters try to coax him out of his shell by telling stories about their own childhood trips to the shore. But Nickel’s taunting of Leroy escalates, and the family history between her mother and aunt rises to the surface--and then a crab bites Leroy, and they must all come together. Only years later can Nickel see that day for what it truly was--a life-changing lesson about family and the pleasure and heartbreak that comes with it.
What did YOU find today??

Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: 7/8/08


Unknown said...

The Sandcastle sounds like a really good book, fun and troubling, delightful and sad, just captivating! Did you by chance read Rubyfruit Jungle, the first book to introduce these characters? I'm going to see if I can find that one too!
Thanks for more books to add to my burgeoning TBR list, Missy!

Missy B. said...

Amy: I haven't read Rubyfruit Jungle either. I should probably read it first...I will look for it. Maybe the library has it. I haven't ever read anything by Rita Mae Brown before!

Literature Crazy said...

That sounds delightful, I'll have to check into it.

Thanks for posting your find.

Unknown said...

your blog is so cute!

gautami tripathy said...

Yes, the cover looks interesting.

Friday Find: Maps For Lost Lovers

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sounds good and I love the cover!


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