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~More 1985~

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1985 was not a particularly good year for me. I was still reeling over the break-up with my boyfriend. He would do stupid things like call me when he was home from college on the weekends, and ask me to go out to a movie or dinner...and like an idiot I would go. We would have a good time and by the end of the evening I would be so happy. And then he would say to me "This doesn't mean that we are back together, or anything....." there are only so many times that your heart can be broken without getting mad...or getting even.

My mother loves to refer to this stage of my life as "Missy's Acting Out year." I was "acting out" because she and Dad separated, sold our family home (and everything in it) while I was at college, no less. Yes...I was angry. I was angry at them for wrecking the one solid thing that I security....and I was angry about being dumped by Jeff, who treated me like the proverbial queen from May - October, then in November promptly dumped me...on my birthday. He called me the evening of my birthday and told me he was going bowling with his mother. Oh yeah...I cried for hours.

I had started taking Secretarial courses at a business college in January, so at least I was doing something constructive. By March, I was so angry about not having a boyfriend and how I had been treated, that I felt reckless. I kept telling my cousin Dawn I wanted to "do something dangerous". I had a plan. There was a guy in my accounting class that looked "dangerous" so to speak. He was very tall and skinny, kind of cute...he had a goatee, which for some reason fascinated me. I began stalking him. Maybe out of boredom? I don't know....what I do know is that I wanted him to like me. I wanted to go out with him. Dawn and I did all kinds of crazy stuff, like find out where he lived, then drove by his house in disguise. We followed him...we called him and said "there's a girl that likes you.....". I finally ended up meeting him...and going out with him. We were together almost 3 years.

What were YOU doing in 1985?

What were YOU doing in 1985???


Blodeuedd said...

Well not stalking a go, who ended up as my bf, good work ;)
I was sleeping, walking, playing with the cat and my dolls

Nina said...

Well..I wasn't born yet. :)

Louise said...

I was also reeling. A lot. I was in my Junior Year (I think that is what it is called - second year of highschool out of three?) and was 16 going on 17 in 1985. Late 1984 I met this boy who was to become the love of my life...LOL. At least for the next few years, although he dumped me after a few months. Waaaaah. I agonized over him for ages and it wasn't until I met another boy (in early 1987) who ALSO dumped me after a short time, that I got over the first one. LOL. Its all coming back now. Actually, there was an in-between boyfriend, and we actually managed to be together for almost a year, but looking back, I was more in love with being in a relationship than I was in love with him. In fact only shortly after we broke up, I had a hard time fathom whatever I saw in him, and that feeling has been with me ever since, every time I see him, which isn't often at all, though.

Anyway, my grandmother died in 1984 at a young age of 60-something, and I was still sorry about that in 1985. Still misses her to this day actually.

I went to England on summerholiday with my parents, siblings and cousin. It was a blast. We had so much fun.

I was listening to The Cure (nothing like some weltschmertz to kindle your own broken heart) and U2 and Depeche Mode, I always wore black and was definitely much thinner than I am today....

Judi said...

Wow, that was dangerous;) Let's see... working, trying to finish college, and going to the beach a lot on weekends. REM's Fables of the Reconstruction was big on campus radio.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

The eighties are kind of a blur for me! Doing the whole single mom thing, trying to stay out of bad relationships (not so successful there!) and just hoping to stay afloat financially.

I recall a lot of partying, too!

Lisa said...

I don't think it's acting out if your world was totally turned on end that year!

The Bumbles said...

I'm sorry, but I'm totally laughing that you met your "dangerous" fella in an accounting class ;0)

I was smack in the middle of high school wishing I could date anyone, dangerous or not.


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