Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Wordless Wednesday~ 6/17/09


Jenny Girl said...

All lined up in a row. How cute!

Kim said...

I love your picture! What nicely behaved kitties you have--feeding time at our house is chaos right now with our new dog in the house. The dog wants the cats' food, one cat wants to eat all the time (graze) and we are changing to distinct feeding times and the other cat wont' come out during the day or any time the dog is not in her crate!

Darlene said...

Now, that is too cute! They are so well behaved all at their own bowls. By the way how's Daisy doing?

Anonymous said...

awww! how cute!

Caspette said...

That is so cute. Mine cant sit all next to each other. One growls, one steals the others foods so I have to separate them.

How is your gorgeous little rescue dog going (Daisy was it? gosh I am terrible with names).


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