Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Flashback Saturday~ 1972~


I had to pick this song for was absolutely one of my favorites! Also, my Dad, who was the band director at my school, chose this song for the band to play that year. It is funny too, because since I joined Facebook, some old students that played in my Dad's band in the seventies have messaged me and said "Everytime I hear "Brandy" I think of your Dad". :)

~In 1972 I was eight years old and we moved from our house in Eastchester to Mount Vernon, New York. We were watching All In The Family and Hawaii Five-0, and my Dad bought a bright yellow VW Beetle for himself.~


Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, I remember that song *smiling*!

I used to love LAYLA by Eric Clapton, too

Kaye said...

THis is one song you could listen to over and over. Timeless, thanks for the memories.

Becca said...

Oh you just brought back memories! When I was in high school I so wanted a bright yellow VW bug! Yellow is my favorite color. (I have since determined it may not be the best car color, but it is still my fave.:) My mom told me the Bugs did not have A/C. In the middle of an NC summer, that was nothing I wanted to be a part of, lol. I am so spoiled, huh?


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