Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Flying In Place by Susan Palwick

Emma is twelve years old, her parents are still married to each other, and lives what appears to be a normal life. But things are far from normal. Her father has been sexually abusing her for years. Every morning, just before dawn, he visits her bedroom. Emma has found a way to deal with these early morning visits....a way to get away from "The Breathing"....she leaves her body. She flies up to her ceiling and looks at the bodies down below, and feels nothing. While she is "flying on the ceiling" she meets Ginny. Ginny is the sister that Emma never knew. Ginny passed away before Emma was born. Ginny can fly. Together, Ginny and Emma fly in the early hours of each morning. Ginny tells Emma things that she never secrets, an aunt she has never met. Emma becomes determined to find answers. She wants the attention and acceptance from her mother, who still grieves for Ginny. And to confront her father, stand up to him, and stop the abuse forever.

Tor Books (2005), Paperback, 192 pages
0765313863 / 9780765313867
4 Stars

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