Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~Cover Attraction ~

Cover Attraction is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. She says "I'm a very visual person and love beautiful or interesting cover art. It entices, and invites me to stop and take a peek, instead of walking right on by."

This week, I am choosing the cover from "A Snowflake In My Hand" by Samantha Mooney.

The little black cat on the cover drew me right to this book. The cat is gazing out of a window, its little ears alert. It appears to be content.


Samantha Mooney was a veterinary research assistant in the oncology department of New York City's Animal Medical Center. While there, she came to personally know each and every cat on the ward, and all of their distinct personalties. She writes from her heart about the cats on that ward, knowing that while they could not be cured of their diseases, they still deserved good quality of life, which she gave to them unselfishly. She was particularly taken with one tiny black cat, whom she named Fledermaus. (The watercolor picture on the cover was done by Samanatha of her beloved kitty). Fledermaus was very petite and timid, and Samantha immediately took her under her wing. Together, they formed a very special bond.

I have to say that this is quite possibly the best book that I have ever read. Samantha's relationships with her feline patients were filled with compassion, love and respect. Even though this book is only 150 pages, it speaks volumes of the bonds that are formed between humans and animals. Every animal lover should own a copy of this book and read it cover to cover...with a box of kleenex close by. This one's a keeper.


Publisher: Delta (April 1, 1989)
164 pages
ISBN-10: 0385297211

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