Saturday, April 25, 2009

~Smiley Saturday~

Please meet Peanut and Lilly! My husband and I live with them (they own the house) here in North Carolina. Peanut is 4 years old, Lilly is a year and a half. We adopted them as babies - there is nothing cuter than a Chihuahua puppy!

When my husband and I first met, I owned "Sheltie" (a sheltie, of course). Actually, her name was Katie, but I already had a cat named Katie so I started calling her Sheltie. I adopted her at six years of age from Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue. She was a very special dog. We lost her two years ago due to liver failure - she was 15. While she was still alive, we adopted Peanut. Of course, Sheltie would have nothing to do with him...she would curl her lip back and show her teeth (it was a very funny face!). Peanut so wanted to be friends with her! Sheltie was ALWAYS by my side. She followed me everywhere. If I had to get up and go into the other room for something, she would haul herself to her feet, even if she didn't want was almost like she felt it was her duty to be by my side. One of the funnier things that she did, was "herd" my cats into another room while I would run the vacuum.

A year and a half after Sheltie was gone, we adopted Lilly...(or rather I did, THEN told my husband!). I missed having a buddy. Peanut had become Steve's baby.

I saw Lilly on the internet...she looked like a little gremlin. I called about her, then set up a time to go visit with her. She was tiny! She weighed less than 2 pounds, and wouldn't eat puppy food. They were boiling chicken breasts for her (the queen that she was!). We brought her home, and she has been glued to me ever since. She eats dog food now, she and Peanut are big buddies, and most of all, she is my dog. She's on my lap while I read, nestled next to me while I sleep. She is my constant companion and love of my life. She will never replace Sheltie, but she is mine. :)


Melissa O. said...

Oh my gosh your dogs are SO cute!! I love dogs :-) My grandparents used to have a beautiful sheltie like yours, who only lived to be about 9 or 10, sadly. He was a sweetheart, though :-) Your teeny pups are just precious! I love little lapdogs :-)

Blodeuedd said...

Awww :D

Forgetful Librarian said...

We had a sheltie for 13 years. She was the best dog we ever had. Have you made some changes to your site? It looks great.

Bee said...

Ohhhh... your dogs are soooo cute,they have the look of butter wouldn't melt! I would spoil them rotten!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your Chis are so cute! I have an 11 year old Chihuahua named Peggy Sue. She used to be a friend's dog but when she couldn't keep Peggy Sue, I got her! You can see her picture here: She's my first dog and I can't believe sometimes how little she is!

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness, your babies are beautiful! I love chihuahua's. I'd love to have one but at this point Buddy wouldn't take too kindly to a friend. lol. Buddy is the same for me Missy; he's my dog no matter who else is around. He follows me absolutely everywhere. He's my kid.

Your 'Sheltie' was beautiful. I can't imagine having to say goodbye although we all know it happens. I love the pic of her and Peanut laying on the couch together. Really nice pictures Missy, thanks for sharing them with us.

Missy B. said...

Thanks to all of you for reading about my babies!


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