Monday, June 21, 2010

Mailbox Monday

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Here's what was in my mailbox last week!

Belly of the Whale by Linda Merlino.

Hudson Catalina has given up—having lost both breasts to cancer, she is
emotionally and physically exhausted, no longer willing to endure the nausea and crushing weakness of her grueling treatment. Nothing in her life—not even her beloved husband and children, her best friend, or her passion for teaching high school—will sway her decision to terminate her treatment. On the eve of her daughter's fifth birthday celebration, a troubled former student confronts her, hell-bent on violent revenge and then suicide. Facing certain peril, Hudson vows to do whatever she must in order to survive and see her husband and children once again.

Jan's Story: Love Lost to the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's by Barry Petersen.

Imagine hearing these words: "She has Alzheimer's." Now imagine that "she" is vibrant, active, loving, healthy...and just 55. Acclaimed CBS News reporter Barry Petersen, writes about hearing the unimaginable: what it meant, what it still means, what he did--and didn't do--and how this beautiful love story needs to be read by the thousands of families who have already heard that same devastating diagnosis...EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER'S. Jan's Story is a full, rich story of two people--and thousands like them--for whom "forever" suddenly and terrifyingly has an expiration date. Barry Petersen is a long-time, award-winning TV journalist who has covered wars, the devastating Asian tsunami, the historic confrontation at Tiananmen Square, the unspeakable deaths in Rwanda, and so much more...but was not even slightly prepared for what happened to his darling wife, Jan.

Creeker: A Woman's Journey by Linda Scott Derosier.

In her memoir of growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, this professor of psychology at Rocky Mountain College in Montana is unabashedly honest about and proud of her Appalachian heritage, chronicling her life with honesty, wit, and insight.

What was in YOUR mailbox today!


Anonymous said...

Belly of the Whale has a very disturbing cover! Enjoy your new books.

Kaye said...

Sounds like you got some emotion packed reads this week. Interesting title, Creeker. Have a great week and enjoy your new books.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Jan's Story sounds like a good book. Having lost my FIL to this dreadful disease I know it has to be an emotional read.

Jo-Jo said...

Wow...Jan's Story sounds like it would be pretty emotional. Enjoy your new books!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Some pretty emotional reads there! Jan's Story sounds like one I may have to read. Enjoy all three books!

Suko said...

These do sound like emotion-packed books. Happy summer reading! Here is my mailbox:

Julie said...

Having lived through the devastatingly rapid decline of my ex mother-in-law to Alzheimer's, Jan's Story seems as though it would be a great read, especially for people who don't realize all of the devastating effects of this disease on their loved one's personality.

I like books like Creeker because I love to read about people who had totally different backgrounds than I.

It looks as though you'll have an interesting reading week!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

My Monday:

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Wow! Sounds like an emotionally draining set of books!

I have an author interview with the fun an lively Liz Crain posted today, as well as my MM post.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wow!!! The description of "Belly of the Whale" grabs much in common with the protagonist...breast cancer, chemo, teaching...I'm going to have to look for that one. Thanks!! Love, Janine XO

Kitten said...

I saw a story with the Petersens on the last edition of CBS Sunday Morning, and it prompted me to pick up a copy of Jan's Story. It's supposed to be in my mailbox this week. I can't wait to read it.

Serena said...

I just saw the Sunday Morning Show about Jan's Story: Love Lost to the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer's by Barry Petersen.! It sounds like a very emotional read. Happy reading

avisannschild said...

Those first two sound pretty heavy! Enjoy your books!

Linda Merlino said...

Thank you for putting my novel on your summer reading list. Let me know what you think, please forgive the cover, when you are a first time published author your publisher rules. Speaking of publishers mine succumbed to the battered economy, interested book buyers come to me or Amazon.


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