Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Finds

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Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel: I saw this one on Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe blog and I was hooked after reading her awesome review:

One sunny morning in 1969, near the end of her first trip to Miami, 26-year-old Frances Ellerby discovers a place called Stiltsville, a community of houses built on pilings in the middle of Biscayne Bay. For the Atlanta native, it’s the first time she’s been out on the open water, the first time she’s felt alive in months. Giddy with the freedom of this idyllic, foreign place, and enjoying her first taste of adventure, she meets the fair-haired Dennis DuVal, the careless yet lucky man with whom she will spend the next three decades. Frances is seduced by Miami’s chaos and beauty, by the sun and sea and sky that Dennis calls home. Going against her cautious nature, she leaves her job and moves to Florida to start a life with Dennis. With a baby daughter and very little to call their own, surrounded by an intimate community of friends and relatives, Frances and Dennis set out on a decades-long journey. Over the years, they struggle with the vicissitudes of love and Florida’s weather, infidelity, parenthood, friendship, Hurricane Andrew, and debilitating illness—coming to terms, finally, with a life that doesn’t necessarily end happily-ever-after, but one which Frances wouldn’t trade for anything. Susanna Daniel interweaves the tropical intensity, beauty, violence, and humanity of Miami as it comes of age with a modern yet enduring story of a marriage’s beginning, maturity, and heartbreaking demise.

Doesn't it sound good? I love me some Florida Fiction!

The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain:

I've not read any other of Diane Chamberlain's books, so this will be a first.

Maya and Rebecca Ward are both accomplished physicians, but that's where the sisters' similarities end. As teenagers, they witnessed their parents' murder, but it was Rebecca who saved Maya from becoming another of the gunman's victims. The tragedy left Maya cautious and timid, settling for a sedate medical practice with her husband, Adam, while Rebecca became the risk taker.

After a devastating hurricane hits the coast of North Carolina, Rebecca and Adam urge Maya to join them in the relief effort. To please her husband, Maya finally agrees. She loses herself in the care and transport of victims, but when her helicopter crashes into raging floodwaters, there appear to be no survivors.

Forced to accept Maya is gone, Rebecca and Adam turn to one another—first for comfort, then in passion—unaware that, miles from civilization, Maya is injured and trapped with strangers she's not certain she can trust. Away from the sister who has always been there to save her, now Maya must find the courage to save herself—unaware that the life she knew has changed forever.

This book was offered to me for review by Tricia at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations....Thank you Tricia....I am looking forward to reading a new-to-me author!

What about you? What did YOU find today???


Yvonne said...

I haven't read a Diane Chamberlain book in a long time, but she's always good. Enjoy!

I love the Friday cat picture!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Had to stop by and say I love that kitty photo!

Julie P said...

I have the Chamberlain book but I haven't read it yet. Looking forward to your reviews!

Lisa said...

These are both on my radar, too. Good choices!


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