Saturday, May 30, 2009

~ Music Flashback Saturday~ 1968~

This is something that I decided to do because I love music....especially oldies!

I was born in November 1964. I was exposed to music at a very young age....My father was a band director and my mom always had records playing at home. I remember her loving Joan Baez, Otis Redding, Frank Sinatra and others. My earliest memory of actually hearing songs and remembering them was when I was four. I loved The Monkees, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Each Saturday, I will pick a song from a year, going forward from 1968, that I remember and that I really loved. These songs bring back good memories for me....maybe they will you, too!

Where were you in 1968? What were you doing?

~I was four years old, living with my parents in Eastchester NY.~


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Talk about a stroll down memory lane! I was in the 6th grade in 1968. I loved these guys!! Later, when I was in high school I had a (get ready) 8-track tape of their Greatest Hits! Thanks for the flashback :)

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Love it! I don't watch MTV anymore but back when it started, they used to have Closet Classics at noon. That was my favorite! They had all kinds of videos like this.

In 1968 I was two, and my older brothers were in their mid-to-late teens. I can remember my brother playing CSNY, Loggins and Messina, etc.

Missy B. said...

This is so fun for me! I love old music...and love to know what others were doing in the "olden days".

Happy Saturday!

Cathy said...

I was three in 1968 and living with my Mom, younger sister and grandparents in MA.


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