Friday, July 16, 2010

CSN Stores - More Than Furniture

Last week I was contacted by CSN Stores to do a review on one of their products from any one of their 200+ websites. I had initially chosen a bedroom vanity. However, after browsing around ALL of their other websites, I also fell in love with shoes, lamps, bedding....there was SO much to choose from.

I narrowed my choices down, until I made my final decision.....a handbag. They have luggage, handbags, tote bags....the list is endless.

A new handbag was just what I needed to add to my 20+ collection. I have 2 infatuations.....books and handbags. Had they have had books, I really would have gone wild.

The handbag I chose is the Canea/Poppy Satchel by designer Donald J. Pliner. This is a beautiful handbag. It has lots of room for everything I need; wallet, cosmetic case, BOOKS. The outside of the bag has two small compartments on either end, perfect for my cell phone and keys. The bag is made of the softest leather. This is hands-down the nicest handbag that I have ever owned.

My next purchase is going to be a pair of shoes!

Visit CSN Stores online and browse their products. You will be pleasantly surprised!


itsJUSTme said...

oh, I LOVE that purse!!!!! Great choice.

Anonymous said...

I think you made a great choice. Glad you love it. It's so important that it can carry books, as those are the most important accessories. ;)

Serena said...

I'm glad this book will carry some important accessories for you -- books.

Lisa said...

I got an email from them, too--they suggested a giveaway but I was totally thinking I'd be selfish and do a review instead. Now that I see your new purse, I'm think about how badly I need a new one and that might just be the way I have to go, too!


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