Monday, May 31, 2010

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What I received last week:

Your Roots Are Showing by Elise Chidley (From Wendy at ItsJUSTme....thanks, Wendy!)

Lizzie Buckley has a life many women dream of - a gorgeous husband, a beautiful home and darling (when they're not fighting) three-year-old twins. But ever since the birth of her children, she's had a fantasy about locking herself in her bedroom for twenty-four hours with a good book and a box of chocolates. Unfortunately, her husband James doesn't understand her feelings. And when Lizzie unburdens herself in a flaming email to her sister Janie, then hits send at the wrong moment and accidentally shoots it off to James instead, her fairytale life gets a big dose of reality. With the word "divorce" ringing in her ears, Lizzie finds herself moving out and embarking on a totally different life - working hard to reinvent herself as a runner, a gardener, and a writer of children's books. But despite transforming her body, her neglected career, and her libido (courtesy of the local landscape gardener), Lizzie can't get over her soon-to-be ex. As Lizzie discovers, sometimes the fairytale ending is just the beginning of the real story.

Every Last One by Anna Quindlen from

In this breathtaking and beautiful novel, the #1 New York Times bestselling author Anna Quindlen creates an unforgettable portrait of a mother, a father, a family, and the explosive, violent consequences of what seem like inconsequential actions. Mary Beth Latham is first and foremost a mother, whose three teenaged children come first, before her career as a landscape gardener, or even her life as the wife of a doctor. Caring for her family and preserving their everyday life is paramount. And so, when one of her sons, Max, becomes depressed, Mary Beth becomes focused on him, and is blindsided by a shocking act of violence. What happens afterwards is a testament to the power of a woman’s love and determination, and to the invisible line of hope and healing that connects one human being with another. Ultimately, in the hands of Anna Quindlen’s mesmerizing prose, Every Last One is a novel about facing every last one of the the things we fear most, about finding ways to navigate a road we never intended to travel, to live a life we never dreamed we’d have to live but must be brave enough to try.

What was in YOUR mailbox last week?


itsJUSTme said...

Yay, I'm glad you got it!!! Happy reading.

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Every Lasy One is very good! It's heavy but good! Your Roots Are Showing sounds good too. Enjoy!

StephTheBookworm said...

Good stuff, Missy! I just now added Your Roots Are Showing to my to-read pile on GR.

Loren said...

OOOOO this one sounds really good! Hoping you review it!

Have a blessed day

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Your Roots Are Showing sounds delightful...and I have Every Last One on my stacks. I think I should move it up!

Here's my MM:

Julie P said...

I love checking the mail so much more now that I have a book blog. Have a great reading week, Missy!

Liz said...

For some reason, this book (Roots) reminds me a bit of one by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. The name escapes me, but I'll find it and post it! One of the subplots of that one is a woman who ends up leaving her husband -- she's tired of always trying to be the perfect wife, etc. Not identical by any means, but reminiscent!

I have the quindlen book but haven't started it. Am currently reading a fantasy novel -- not my norm but I'm really enjoying it. It's Bloodline: Alliance by L.R. Saul, who's written several fantasy novels for adults and young adults. This book appeals to all ages -- I originally read it because one of my daughters read it and then made me read it -- she's now gotten some of HER friends to read it who have gotten THEIR mothers to read it. Pretty neat! It's transcending age groups and gaps.

Liz said...

Ha! The Susan Elizabeth Phillips book I talked about is "Ain't She Sweet."

pinkilili said...

I have You Roots Are Showing waiting.. It does sound good! Enjoy your books!


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