Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~Favorite Animal Stories~

While I am still in the middle of reading a great memoir right now, and don't have any reviews to write, I thought I would write a short post about my favorite pet/animal stories.

Some are true, some fictional, but these are my top favorites. If you are a pet lover, and haven't read any of these, you need to add them to your TBR list!

~Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper~

~My Cat Spit McGee by Willie Morris~

~When Katie Wakes by Connie May Fowler~

~One Good Dog by Susan Wilson~

~The Art of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein~

~Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacy O'Brien~

~Snowflake In My Hand by Samantha Mooney~

~Bark If You Love Me by Louise Bernikow~

~Grayson by Lynne Cox~

~Giv: The Story of A Dog and America by Boston Teran~

~The Dog Who Rescues Cats: The True Story of Ginny by Phillip Gonzalez~

~The Blessing of the Animals: True Stories of Ginny, the Dog Who Rescues Cats by Phillip Gonzalez

~The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer~

What are YOUR favorites?


Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh, "When Katie Wakes" is sitting on my bookshelf yet unread. I'll have to get to it one of these days.

Julie P said...

That is a good list, Missy! Hope you have a great week....

Zibilee said...

I really hesitate to read animal stories because they always end the same way, and I always end up crying. I know that they have to end that way, but it really makes me upset!

Missy B. said...

The endings of some of these are fine, I promise you. The story about Homer is wonderful, as is Spit McGee....and the Ginny stories are awesome! :) I understand though, some of these are very sad at the end.

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh my word!!! I commented here a while ago, but I guess it was during the time Blogger was having problems and posts and comments all around the world (no really!) disappeared! I don't even remember all that I said.

I do remember saying that I own the book "When Katie Wakes" by Connie May Fowler, but I haven't read it yet.

Amused said...

These all sound great!


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