Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~Again, Where's My Teaser?~

Here I am again this week with NO teaser! Last night I finished A. Manette Ansay's Limbo, which I really enjoyed! A review will be forthcoming.

So....tonight I once again will stand in front of my TBR shelves, close my eyes, and hope to pick another winner!

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

P.S. I just recently joined Weight Watchers and found the photo above....I can't stop laughing at it and wanted to share it with you!


Wall-to-wall books said...

Love the picture! That is hysterical!
Well I have actually thought about joining! If I do we can do it together!

The Bumbles said...

Oh that's OK! You provide plenty of Teasers. That is a super cute doggy - I can see how his photo would distract you from beginning your next read ;0)


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