Sunday, October 18, 2009

~More 1988~

When I look back in my mind over the many years that have passed, 1988 stands out big and bright. It was a great year for me!

I was still living in Charleston, WV, and still single. In February, I landed a job at a radio station, V100 FM. I had "grown up" so to speak listening to this station, so to get a job there thrilled me to death! (V100 was the station my cousin Dawn and I listened to every summer when I would was near and dear to my heart!) Back in the summer of 1980, John Boy (of the John Boy and Billy Show) was a deejay there. He was gone when I got the job there, but, it still was a very exciting place to work. I was amazed to see the actual workings of a radio station! Plus, a couple of the deejays were cute and single.

I met my first husband while working there. He was the "drive time" deejay, 3 to 7 pm. I would hang out after work in the studio with him and we'd talk and laugh. He was a funny funny guy! I am convinced that people that work at radio stations have to have a special personality.
Each and every song that was out that year reminds me of my job there and the people that I worked with. A few of the salesmen were hilarious, the office staff all got along, and we got lots of free t-shirts, coffee mugs and jackets with our names embroidered on them - I felt so important!

I also had a crush on the deejay who did "overnights" from 12-6 am. He and I just remained friends...he also had a fantastic sense of humor. Sometimes I would hang out with him all night while he worked on the weekends. I remember one night in particular, where he pushed me in my office chair from my desk up and down the hallway at break-neck speed. It felt funny driving home on Saturday mornings with the sun just coming up. I have found my former friend on Facebook! He is married with a little boy...and still funny as ever.

Long story short, my future husband was let go from the station in December of that year. He went to work for another radio station in the area, and that is when my harassment began. I got written up for something that was just ridiculous - I refused to sign it - and quit. Meanwhile, people were telling me "don't quit! let them fire you!" But I was too hurt and angry that they were treating me that way. I lost my job because my boyfriend went to work for another radio stupid!

What were YOU doing in 1988?


L. Diane Wolfe said...

1988 is when I went to work in the photo department for a contracting company - and my future husband was working in the art department. We spent a whole year becoming really good friends before I finally asked him out - and the rest is history!

I love your story of riding around in the chair - that's funny!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Pregnant. Fingernail marks in the freeway all the way to Texas. Hated leaving the Northeast.


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